ÉCLAT – An Innovation That Revolutionizes Hair Care


VARNA BEAUTY STUDIO offers 4 new types of procedures that can transform the hair in 20 minutes. ÉCLAT colour – for clients with natural hair colour that needs revitalization ÉCLAT – for clients that want to neutralize or just tone previously bleached hair ÉCLAT refresh – for clients that want to refresh their hair colour […]

Prom & Wedding Hairstyle Trends

прически абитуриентски булчински

Prom & Wedding Hairstyle Trends The summer is just around the corner as the changing climate toys with our mood – it’s almost as if the weather is preparing us for the long-awaited series of prom nights. However, let’s not forget that summer is also the season of weddings – these are all formal events, […]

Summer 2022 Nail Trends


Summer is knocking on our door, encouraging us to add a spoonful of colourful emotions to our manicure. The well-kept nails are a year-round priority for all ladies but the bright sun inspires us to diversify the colour palette of our manicure and pedicure. The nails along with our hairstyle and everyday makeup are a […]