HOP – An Innovative Step in Hair Care Wellness

Серия HOP - иновативна стъпка в уелнес грижата за косата

Varna Beauty Studio’s mission has always been focused on eco-friendly work and sustainable practices in hair care. Our responsibility as a beauty studio is not only to offer beauty treatments, but to create a 360-degree wellness experience for our clients in a mindful way. In line with these values, we are joining forces with Montibello’s new cosmetic line – HOP. With innovative formulas and a wide range of products, Montibello has always prioritized holistic hair therapy, and their new line is no exception.

Why Did We Choose HOP?

Together we are stronger – the right products in the hands of our experienced beauty ambassadors can turn the most simple beauty treatment into a therapy for the senses, which is our ultimate goal. All products in the Hop range are created with the latest innovations in hair care and are distinguished by their high performance and quality. Their formulas contain active ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft and nourish it from within. This helps to restore damaged hair, improve its structure and restore its strength and shine.

Each HOP product is unique and ready to fight the ever-changing challenges of hair care, but it’s the synergistic power of the full product range that hits it right on the mark: from restoring and hydrating to protecting and toning the hair.

The Innovative Formulas in the HOP Series

Серия HOP - иновативна стъпка в уелнес грижата за косата

Do you know what the eight signs of healthy hair and scalp are? We know and pay special attention to each and every one: hydration, nourishment, balance, strength, color protection, no static hair, volume and shine. With the help of the new HOP line, our job just got easier and more enjoyable – the products’ formulas are created through bioscience, based on algae that target each of the eight signs of healthy hair in a more gentle and holistic way.

The products combine completely natural and biodegradable amino acids and fatty acids. Moreover, for maximum safety, HOP relies on LAE® (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCL), a preservative mainly used in foods. Care for a healthier scalp by HOP involves ingredients that do not irritate the skin, but on the contrary, they cleanse and have a restorative effect against scalp aging, making the hair feel lighter.

How Do HOP Products Help Protect the Environment?

Серия HOP - иновативна стъпка в уелнес грижата за косата

HOP is an innovative, eco-friendly line that was created with the good of the planet in mind and also to bring fully holistic rituals to beauty salons.

  • Pure vegan formulas that have not been tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested products
  • Fully recyclable packaging that helps save 3 tons of plastic from the wasteland
  • No sulfates, no parabens and no mineral oils
  • Up to 97% natural ingredients

Inspired by Montibello’s new cosmetic line, we are also taking another step towards more sustainable and holistic beauty care practices. Come visit our salons and treat your hair to a new age wellness experience.

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