Our Team

Pavlina Petrova - Owner

She’s the person behind the salon, whose sole ambition is to turn premium beauty services into contemporary art and lifestyle without compromises. She stays behind the scenes but her ambition has never been left behind – she provides her customers with products of the highest quality, organises regular training seminars for the team of specialists, and incorporates technical innovations, based on the latest trends. What makes her a successful manager and an inspiring beauty ambassador is her internal drive for constant professional development and the unremitting work she puts into creating a harmonious working environment.

He’s been a beauty ambassador in Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2010, but his experience in the beauty industry dates back to 2005. Having over 16 years of professional expertise, he is a virtuoso in the service of both men’s and women’s haircutting, although men’s styling is his favourite type of work. His positive attitude quickly turns his customers into friends, meanwhile his skilful hands make him a true master of the craft.

She’s been a beauty ambassador in Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2012. Beautiful nails are her passion and vocation, which makes her a total pro when it comes to high quality manicure and pedicure. With remarkable professional pedantry, she transforms the nails into a chic entourage for every lady. Her talents expand even to the management of the salons, where she has proven to be an indispensable assistant.

She’s been a beauty ambassador in Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2013. She’s not only a master hairdresser and a colorist, but also an aesthetics innovator when it comes to formal hairstyles. She doesn’t miss a chance to participate in various seminars and annual Selena ES Academy trainings as professional development is a top priority of hers. Her hand is guided by a creative technique and enviable precision in everything she does – from hairstyling and dyeing to beauty therapies – her undying love for hair care makes her talents unparalleled.

She’s been a beauty ambassador in Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2012. She carefully hones her professional skills by being a regular participant in various seminars, trainings and master classes. Her incredible diligence has certainly been noticed as she is:

  • The winner in the hairstyling contest Decode Styling Show 2017;
  • Hairdresser of the year 2018, selected by Selena ES Professional Cosmetics;
  • An expert in working with the Montibello (hair care) brand after successfully completing her training in Barcelona.

Her ever-present creative energy has made her a master colorist who is ready to transform every simple and generic look into a fresh, innovative and exquisite styling creation.

She’s the newest addition to the team of beauty ambassadors in Varna Beauty Studio. Her long professional experience as a hairstylist and a cosmetology instructor makes each beauty consultation with her a recipe for success. Her skills in crafting a creative analysis and then applying it to match the desired look is unparalleled, and the result is a work of art in its own right.

Ralitsa Zhekova – Make-up artist

As a devoted beauty ambassador in the Varna Beauty Studio’s guild, Ralitsa is a true sorceress with the makeup palette and the strokes of her brush are guided by the colours of aesthetics. Classic or contemporary style – she can achieve every look for both casual and formal occasions.

Make an appointment with Ralitsa: + 359 89 666 2451

Vasilena Yancheva - Beautician, Physiotherapist

She’s been a beauty ambassador in the Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2018. Her professionalism, combined with critical cosmetic analysis, based on the individual case, guarantees that the only advice you’ll get will be for the right skin procedures. Vasilena’s main priority when executing beauty procedures is to always have realistic expectations. Not to mention that her enthusiasm for the achieved results surpasses that of the client.

Make an appointment with Vasilena: + 359 89 912 3855

Kalina Nikolova – Beautician

She’s a beauty ambassador in the Varna Beauty Studio’s guild and her role as a beautician is definitely challenging. She has to deal with all kinds of skin problems and imperfections, but not to worry – she processes just the right  weapons to win this beauty war, namely – patience, resourcefulness and an undeniable talent.

Make an appointment with Kalina: + 359 89 912 3855

Nelly Kraycheva - Massage Therapist

She’s been a beauty ambassador in the Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2010. All types of massage – for both healing and relaxation – are an energy gift, and Neli’s “miraculous” hands have the ability to strengthen the body and spirit. Easing the pain of various health conditions, relieving joint stiffness and even improving a bad mood are all part of the therapeutic environment of the massage studio.

Make an appointment with Neli: +359 88 840 8814

She’s been a beauty ambassador in the Varna Beauty Studio’s guild since 2021. All beautiful hands and feet with carefully trimmed and shaped nails undoubtedly attract attention and create comfort. Irena will take special care of them as she will breathe inspiration and elegance into the way they look.