Questions to Varna Beauty Studio

The full list of all beauty services that we offer, including their prices, can be seen on our website, as well as on our FB page.

You can book an appointment ONLINE by clicking the “Make an appointment” button, which you’ll find on our website, our FB page and our Google account. You can also DM us on Facebook or call us: 052608034, 0896662451.

We work without a day off. From Monday to Friday (9.30h – 20.00h), on Sunday from 12.00h till 18.00h.

Generally, we offer prom/bridal hairstyles and make-up as a home service. The transportation is provided by or paid for by the client. Other type of services can also be performed at a home address – write us a DM on our FB page or email us:

We work with DENUEE – an innovative, water-based dye, made up of plant components that don’t irritate or cause allergies. No smell and toxic fumes.

After a professional consultation, we make a product tolerance test.

This is only possible for natural hair. You are always welcome at our salons for a free consultation. Depending on the current colour of your hair, we will suggest the best method for changing it.

Covering white/grey hair is one of the biggest challenges of dyeing. Our specialists have undergone numerous colour trainings and have long professional experience in the art of dyeing. Moreover, we work with the exclusive hair dye brand – Montibello Recover, which is specifically designed to cover persistent white hair and to guarantee long-lasting effect.

When using face cleaning tonics, creams and other similar products, without realising it, we “influence” this area and that results in the faster washing away of the hair dye.

It depends, but in most cases – on a monthly basis, as new hair is bound to grow. For a shinier and brighter colour, the hair should be toned in between.

It depends on how often you wash your hair, but in order to look great, the hair should be toned every two weeks.

Yes, you can. We will pick just the right colour and nuance for you as well as a suitable hair colouring technique to even the colours and hide the whites.

Come to our salons for a free consultation!

Hair dyeing at home saves money, but the result is almost never satisfying, so correcting it is a hard job. Achieving the desired colour in a professional beauty studio is a combination of an in-depth diagnostics and the right hair dyes and oxidants.

The golden rule for having beautiful hair is cutting it once a month. This way, short hairstyles will keep their shape, whereas long hair will look healthy and youthful. Letting your hair grow long also comes with regular and precise cutting as well as more special care, like hair masks and therapies.

The hair never actually stops growing, but if it is put under constant chemical and heat treatments, it is bound to break, therefore no significant length difference can be seen.

There could be a number of reasons – using unsuitable hair products, frequent washing, unsuitable hairstyles, which result in touching your hair often, hormone problems, etc. We recommend the Montibello Treat Balance Restore line for oily hair and scalp – shampoo and ampoules that cleanse the hair and remove any sebum or dirt. They regulate the sebum production and keep the hair clean and balanced for a long time.

There are many reasons that could trigger hair loss – seasonal or hereditary hair loss, hormone problems, specific medication or a diet, stress, etc. We offer several product lines that help deal with hair loss. The Montibello Treat Hair-Loss Chronos gives excellent results against hereditary hair loss with the help of stem cells technology. In case of hair loss, for men we recommend the Farmavita Noir series. A Farmavita Tricogen is an intensive three-step therapy for a sensitive scalp that helps with both dandruff and hair loss.

Yes, we offer these services. Before you book an appointment, we need to make a hair diagnosis and determine whether the state of your hair meets the necessary criteria for these types of services.

During pregnancy some women have great hair, whereas others complain about it all the time. The hormone changes that pregnant women endure vary, therefore the hair follicles that follow these changes, vary as well. We recommend using the vegan products of Decode Zero and Denuee, which are plant-based and allergy-free.

Our specialists will provide you with a professional consultation. They will recommend quality products by established brands that can successfully keep and even prolong the results achieved at the salon.

Strictly follow the advice received. Do the recommended procedures, using our products for home hair care. Only by team effort can we accomplish the results that you dream of.