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Hair care plays a key role in your good looks and self-confidence. First comes the hairdressing, which rejuvenates and shapes the face. Then comes the dyeing, which aims to cover all white hairs or change your hair color completely. All contemporary hairstyles are achieved through different creative techniques, such as balayage, flashes or highlights – all of which give the hair volume and thickness. Our qualified hairdressers have a long professional experience. They have taken multiple certified trainings and are bound to do a brilliant job transforming your hair.

We offer different types of therapies that can help repair and hydrate your hair so that it shines to its fullest potential. If you are suffering from dandruff, oily scalp or hair loss – come see our specialists.

We have clients that have put their trust in us for many years and for every occasion.


Beautiful hands and well-kept nails are a definite eye-catcher. Unfortunately, they are constantly exposed to the whims of the changing climate as well as to all daily activities, which leave a physical trace. That’s why maintaining your hands and nails in their best shape demands special care.

The paraffin hand therapy that we offer will restore the softness and radiance of the skin, whereas well manicured nails provide the hands with elegance.

The coating with exquisite and professional polish will complete the overall look and will bring character to your individual style.

We are prepared to transform your nails into little pieces of art – it’s up to you!


Real beauty is hidden in the self-confidence and individual vibe that each person gives off – these elements have no way of being imitated. One of the most efficient ways to energize your body and spirit is through a massage. Our experienced specialists will provide you with the best care.

The classic anti-stress massage will not only relax tense muscles, but it will also remove the nervous tension and fatigue, accumulated daily at work, at home, or in an aggressive environment.

You can choose a back and/or a hand massage. You are guaranteed to feel liberated and relaxed after.

If the anti-cellulite massage is a constant need in your book, we offer a great service at an affordable price.


The make-up is the final touch of your look – it could delicately correct small skin imperfections or boldly complement your best features. Being an indispensable part of your daily routine, it’s actually not so difficult to learn how to apply make-up yourself.

However, when an important event is coming up, no matter if it’s personal or work-related, don’t hesitate to put your trust in the professional behind our make-up chair.

When choosing make-up style and color palette, it’s the job of our make-up artists to always consider your individual facial characteristics; they take into consideration your natural tan, shape and color of your hair, and even your outfit. Based on the type of event that you are attending, our staff will help you achieve loud glamour, quiet elegance or whatever look you are striving for.


All skin is beautiful when it’s healthy, clean and refreshed. Its proper maintenance, however, demands constant care. If you find it difficult to do it on your own, we are here to help.

Our experts have excellent training and skills. All therapies and procedures that we offer are tried and tested. For cleansing and nourishment therapies we use premium products only, which in combination with a good massage, will definitely rejuvenate the skin and restore its healthy look.

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from a specific medical condition, we will gladly create a custom cosmetic procedure, tailored to your needs.

We are here to take care of you!

Beauty is subjective while quality is not – this is why we strive to create the most welcoming work environment for our “beauty ambassadors” to thrive in, as well as for our clients to receive all kinds of beauty services in the most pleasant and relaxing way.

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