Summer 2022 Nail Trends

Summer is knocking on our door, encouraging us to add a spoonful of colourful emotions to our manicure. The well-kept nails are a year-round priority for all ladies but the bright sun inspires us to diversify the colour palette of our manicure and pedicure. The nails along with our hairstyle and everyday makeup are a reflection of our inner world – that is why it’s completely natural that the summer vibes match the colours that decorate our hands.

It’s time that we put aside all nail polish in chestnut, navy blue and Christmas-y red and store them for the cold winter months. For this new (and dare we say better) season, stock up on nail polish in light green, neon yellow, pastel pink and all other colours that make you feel “summer-y”. The gentle tones, marine designs and tropical fruits are always an ideal choice for the summer. French manicure is a timeless classic but it’s not necessary for the tape to be white – you can always count on a multicoloured tape to highlight every summer outfit.

Here are some of this year’s designs that inspire us to be more vibrant, braver and bolder in the embrace of June.

We start off with the first piece of evidence that 2022 isn’t afraid of colours. This fun idea is the embodiment of the long-awaited party that every summer promises. Not to mention that the wide range of colours allows for versatile combinations which makes it the ideal match for any outfit.

This pastel ombre is the perfect combination between a fresh summer breeze and a shot of fashion chic, suitable for a sophisticated afternoon cocktail. This type of two-toned manicure allows you to expand the colour palette and to not limit yourself with a single boring colour. Because summer is anything but boring!

Just as we wake up in a different mood every day, why can’t our nails reflect different emotions as well?! In fact, they can – that is precisely why this aesthetic choice is among our top summer favourites. Its stylish versatility and playful vibe are its main advantages. This manicure can play the role of a fashion accent in combination with monochrome and minimalistic outfits. It can also serve as the prime “jewel” in your overall look.

This bright combination of pink, yellow and red smells like candy. The summer breeze, carrying freedom, allows us to step out of the box – and what better way than mixing different patterns, colours and figures in our nail designs?!

Experimenting with different looks is a key part of our quality beach experience. That’s why this creative idea in marine and sky blue combined with fiery orange instinctively reflects the hot sunny rays as well as the countless days that we’ll be spending on the seashore.

Have our colourful recommendations inspired you yet? The doors at Varna Beauty Studio are open – let’s discuss your desired look together so you can welcome the summer properly and stay on top of trends. Fashion identity is carefully developed and hides in the details,  although a beautiful manicure is never simply a “detail”.