Prom & Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Prom & Wedding Hairstyle Trends

The summer is just around the corner as the changing climate toys with our mood – it’s almost as if the weather is preparing us for the long-awaited series of prom nights. However, let’s not forget that summer is also the season of weddings – these are all formal events, significant enough to make us riffle through the fashion pages in search of the most stunning look. In the sea of summer vibes, one thing is certain: all formal events, bridal or prom, need to be accompanied by great hair.

As we are always striving to keep up with the latest trends, here’s what we learned about this year’s fashion in the world of hairstyling. The natural look is getting more popular than ever and by “natural” we mean flowy curls or casual low buns – a style that doesn’t pretend to be formal but it’s beautiful in its simplicity. These hairstyles usually fall into the bohemian “boho” category and give a gentle and romantic vibe that suits any young lady.

The french braids hairstyles are timeless classics that are also going to rock the fashion stage this summer. A part of the undeniable beauty of french braiding hides in the fact that they are versatile, flexible and suit long as well as short hair. Here are some of our favourite styles that hopefully will inspire you if you are still searching for the right look.

The Elegant Twist

This hairstyle will make your highlights pop up.  Depending on your taste, the braids could be super tight or casually falling. Either way, the result will be a simple but elegant updo. Sometimes beauty hides in the details.

A Casual Updo with Loose Strands

A gentle, casually falling updo, combined with a french braid is the ultimate winner for every formal event. The braid could match an accessory like a tiara or it could play the part of one. The side flowy curls are the perfect way to complete this look.

Elegant Curled and Pinned Style

This updo instantly catches the eye due to the visual illusion it creates: it seems very complex but on closer inspection, we discover that it really isn’t ornate and pompous at all. The trick here is managing to keep it intact as you dance the night away.

Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle with Curls

The event might be formal but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal the scene with your hair down. This half-up, half-down style, complemented by casually flowing curls, is as sophisticated as it is playful. It’s perfect for shoulder-length and longer hair. Flowers and pearls are the ultimate accessories that will complete the look.

Have we unlocked the gate of imagination yet? Come to Varna Beauty Studio so we can discuss your desired look together. All events that require hairstyling are serious – and so is our attitude towards all things fashion, beauty and identity.