ÉCLAT – An Innovation That Revolutionizes Hair Care

VARNA BEAUTY STUDIO offers 4 new types of procedures that can transform the hair in 20 minutes.

  • ÉCLAT colour – for clients with natural hair colour that needs revitalization
  • ÉCLAT – for clients that want to neutralize or just tone previously bleached hair
  • ÉCLAT refresh – for clients that want to refresh their hair colour between regular dyeing
  • ÉCLAT gloss – gloss therapy for all clients that want to see their hair shine.

Price: 50 BGN.*

*including up to 60 ml product use

The procedure ends with a professional blow dry (every day styling).

ÉCLAT brings about change in the world of hair dyes.

  • A natural revitalizating session that turns hair colouring into a deep therapy procedure, which restores the hair strength and achieves a great glossy look in just 20 minutes.
  • It consists of natural vegan and biodegradable substances, numerous vegetable proteins from superfoods, vitamin C as well as the next generation technology TechBonder, that guarantees revitalization and strengthening of the hair.
  • Its wonderful smell and texture are among the hair dye’s best qualities, which can create a true SPA experience for the client during their time at the salon. Moreover, this hair dye does not contain ammonia or MEA, but a new revolutionary and biodegradable substance that protects the hair – AMP – plus its packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic.
  • A part of the product series can be applied only as a therapy tool to create hair gloss, without the element of colouring – for all those ladies that are bound to keep their natural hair colour intact.

Montibello prioritizes the clean, vegan formulas, created with substances of natural origin and sustainable practices, that help minimize the environmental footprint. For a new world that benefits the planet, the people, the care of hair.

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